Small Plates, Bold Flavor | Bespoke Concierge Miami

A growing number of Miami restaurants specialize in tapas,
offering an authentic taste of Spain.

Source: Bespoke Concierge Miami

By: Luly Domínguez

Tapas y Tintos is a trip to Spain without your passport, from the vintage furniture and Old World photos to the matador costumes and other novelties covering the walls from ceiling to floor. Adding extra flair to the experience, diners are sometimes treated to flamenco music and dance performances while they eat. Tapas y Tintos has a wide-ranging menu, but all dishes are based around one quintessential component: sharing. Try traditional items like seafood paella and “garbanzos fritos” (fried chickpeas with chorizo and onions) or one of Spain’s classic sausages, “chistorra a la sidra” (cured sausage cooked in cider). Other dishes include “calamares rellenos de gambas” (calamari stuffed with shrimp in marinara sauce) and “almejas en salsa verde con alcachofas y virutas de jamon” (clams, shaved ham and artichokes in a green sauce).